Should disabled people be tasered by the police for stealing petrol?

A new law passed yesterday means that anyone guilty of stealing £20 of petrol, even if they use a wheelchair can be batoned and tasered by the police.

Of course, no such law exists, which makes you wonder how this ever happened. We do not have capital punishment in this country, which makes me wonder how I can receive messages saying ‘well, you’re not going to believe the story of a thief, are you?’ I think it is very disturbing to be moving towards a society that feels the need to make apologies and think of excuses for actions that are so clearly, so blatantly wrong. Whatever the crime, how could a person that uses a wheelchair pose enough resistance to 5-6 trained police officers to justify the use of a taser? This is the type of tactic you would expect to be deployed in a fascist state, but we have no sympathy for what happened to this person? Last year, people died after being tasered by the police, yet the weapon continues to be used with such utter impunity?

“On the 31st of December 2011 Shocket Aslam was driving on the M6 motorway in Staffordshire when 3-5 police vehicles together with a helicopter apprehended him after he had left a petrol station without paying. As soon as he saw the police coming he stopped his vehicle on the hard shoulder and as officers approached aggressively and asked him to put his hands up and get out of the car he confirmed that he was disabled. Two officers had tasers aimed at him in the driver side and on the passenger side as well, and a police officer on his side smashed the window and repeatedly hit with him a kosh. He protested and again tried to explain that he was disabled and it was hard for him to get it out but he was then tasered from behind in the shoulder and dragged out of the car by 5/6 officers. Two of these were trying to pull his arms around his back and his face was held on the floor. One officer saw the wheelchair and stated this to the other officers but they continued to hoist him out and dragged him along the ground and threw head first into a police car. When Shocket asked for help and water he was sworn at violently by the officers and wished happy New Year by them!”

Do we have to wait for a disabled person to die in police custody before anyone bats an eyelid?


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