As we sit here today, cities across the United States of America are being occupied, by the people.  What we have seen this year, is a generation that is becoming conscious, and that is waking up.  We are now seeing a movement, an unprecedented movement, of the 99% of people; ordinary people, in all countries, that are refusing to accept the necessity of austerity, and are refusing to accept the normality of inequality.  And that’s why, this Saturday, October 15th, we’re going to join those people, the people occupying Wall Street, the people resisting in the cities we are attempting to occupy in Libya, the people across the world that are saying enough is enough. Now, it is time for us to take up that mantra, and say that enough is enough, and to bring a change, and to finally achieve the equality we have demanded for so long.  So this Saturday, we’re going to occupy the London Stock Exchange in our thousands, and as Cornel West said when he visited Wall Street, we’re going to make the elites tremble with fear, because they know that this system cannot last forever.  So this Saturday, October 15th, the London Stock Exchange.  And we will not leave, until our demands are met; until we have transferred power from the few to the many.  See you there.


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