Week 77 – The Media’s War

As I type, the BBC have recieved over 5000 complaints over their interview with me on national television. I feel that I should give my own thoughts on the matter.

First of all, we must appreciate the role of the BBC in the British media. The BBC is state television; why is it that we are so happy to condemn the state media of other nations, but then refer to our own as ‘impartial’, or are remotely surprised when they show bias? As the state media of our country, the role of the BBC is to protect the interests of the government through it’s coverage. Simple as that.

Secondly, we must contextualise the reporting of the interviewer, Ben Brown. Mr. Brown recently served as an embedded reporter with the British army in Iraq. A country which we are responsible for destroying, and for killing a million of it’s people. Ben Brown was a member of the occupying forces. In my view, this amounts to support for the invasion.

I hope Ben Brown was watching John Pilger’s new film, ‘The War You Don’t See’, on television last night. Pilger is a real war correspondent; he shows the physical consequences, and gives a voice to the victims of wars, rather than glorifying it, and acting as a mouthpiece for it’s proponents.

Just as Officer KF963 exposed the true nature of the police at Thursday’s protest, Ben Brown exposed the true nature of the BBC.

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