[SPECIAL EDITION] Week 73 – Enough Is Enough!

Saturday 20th November, in Trafalgar Square, at a demonstration of 5000 people against the war in Afghanistan:

To paraphrase the words of Commandante Marcos, of the Zapatista movement, there is now no detergent, that could wash the blood from the hands of our government.

They tell us to celebrate, to celebrate a victory in Afghanistan. But to ignore the failure of the hundreds of bodies of British soldiers lying in coffins. They tell us to celebrate, to celebrate the toppling of the oppressive Taliban. But to ignore the women raped and maimed by the Northen Alliance we have installed. They tell us to celebrate, to celebrate freedom of speech in Afghanistan. But to ignore the thousands of Afghani children our bombs have slaughtered.

Let us not be fooled by the media’s attempts to divide our government’s wars into “good wars” and “bad wars”. Palestine was a symptom, Kashmir was a symptom, Diego Garcia was a symptom, Kosovo was a symptom, and Iraq and Afghanistan are still symptoms, of the cancer of British and American imperialism and racism spreading across the planet. Just as the EDL terrorise our communities at home, from Manchester, to Birmingham, to Whitechapel, and to Tower Hamlets, the British Army are busy terrorising communities from Basra to Baghdad, and from Kandahar to Kabul. There is only one difference, the EDL are not armed with bombs that destroy cities, but the British Army are.

So now, just as the Zapatistas said in southern Mexico, the people of Iraq say, the people of Palestine say, the people of Afghanistan say… Ya Basta! Enough is enough! Enough is enough!

12 responses to “[SPECIAL EDITION] Week 73 – Enough Is Enough!

  1. Solidarity from Canada! Your speech cuts to the heart of the lies and the pain that all of our governments are imposing on us! Their deceptive wars are killing hundred of thousands of innocent civilians! We are very inspired here in Canada to see and hear this opposition in Britian and continue to build the ant-war movement here! Best to you and all!

  2. damn good speech

  3. keep talking, keep writing , Jody ; it’s important that you do so

  4. Preach on, Brother Jody!! You’re giving voice to thousands upon thousands who have been silenced. It’s an honor to stand beside you in the struggle for justice.

  5. It was a great speech Jody, Thankyou! Even though it was absolutely freezing it is always brilliant to hear you talk!! You continue to inspire me.

  6. Finlay McIntyre

    strong words man, very inspiring bro x

  7. And to think they havent even got the oil flowing properly through the oil pipeline from the Caspian yet!! Seems a bit wasteful really.

  8. very powerful words, I wholeheartedly agree, keep writing

  9. hey Jody i am a student 20’s I only found your web page today in an article on the guardian website called ” The internet’s cyber radicals: heroes of the web changing the world”.
    I must say your views on the world mirror my own. and i wonder how long it is going to take for people to just stand up and say “Enough Is Enough”.

    I can feel the mood changing deeply with the youth today, the internet is a gold mine of information for them to look at and open there eyes to the world.

    maybe with the never ending war on terrorism, and the bankers robbing us blind, and now the government raping the education system and leaving the youth even more disgruntled its going to be to much for the people to take.

  10. WOW your good!!!

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