Week 68 – Home

I had a feeling that the Mossad were about to pull something on me. It all seemed too easy, but when I finally got through all the “security checks” in Tel Aviv, I was told that my wheelchair had been left in Rome. They should know by now that it will take a lot more than a stunt like that to hold us back.

A frustrating 12 hours later, it was delivered to an address in Jerusalem. From there, everything was good to go. Not that I had a plan or anything.

But you don’t need a plan when you’re going home.

After reunions with my brothers and sisters in Sheikh Jarrah and Bil’in, I travelled to Balata refugee camp with my family from the Existence is Resistance Tour. Rest assured, revolutionary conversations were in abundance.

On the second night of our stay in the camp, Israeli Occupation Forces and settlers invaded the camp, and a huge green laser beam from a military base above guided them on their way. Drones flew in the sky, just in case someone was to look up and imagine freedom for a brief moment.

In reality, the occupation represents a night-time curfew for every single day of the year, for not a single soul walked the streets… except for the invaders.

I turned to Hurriyah, and saw a smile on her face. The break-dancing kids from Chicago were exclaiming in hushed tones that they were sure Israeli “tanks” were on their way, and trying to decipher the symbolism of the green lasers’ various angles and patterns.

But for Hurriyah, and even for me after a period of nine months living in occupied Palestine, these are a regular occurence. How can one define a “normal” life, when so many across the world live under oppression. Without a doubt, these struggles must be united if we are to ever succeed. But for the people living in such situations, it is simply home.


8 responses to “Week 68 – Home

  1. Sounds good. Like Juliano at Jenin’s Freedom Theatre said, the third Initifada will be about music, dance, art, theatre. Sounds like you guys are living it.

  2. … and your writing is just getting better and better all the time.


  3. Loved it. Take care x

  4. May God help you and guide you in your quest for justice and in your life. You’re truly an inspiration.


  5. Nuff respect bro, in our hundreds in our millions we are all palestinians…

    Keep us posted, persistence is the key to resistance, wish I could be there with you.

    Peace and Solidarity


    P.S. The activists in Brighton are true freedom fighters, heard about this at the time, stopping the arms trade is one of the major ways to beat the occupation and defending the oppressed peoples of the world.

  6. lauren booth

    Hey Jodie
    as ever Palestine’s gain is our loss. So glad to hear you are home, you know where youare happiest and where the fight is. Thinking of you and love to all on the tour and big shout to Bi’lin and Al Quds masseeve!

  7. Sounds like its heating up. Hope your enjoying it man , wish i was there with you 🙂
    Love you so much bro x

  8. Two words: Crazy Shit

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