Week [19]67 – Remembering Palestine

This week, I travelled through Paris, Lyon and Geneve on my way to Frankfurt in Germany, to meet Hamde, who I lived with for most of my time in Bil’in, Palestine. Six months was a long time, so now he’s more than a brother.

Although most of our three days together were full of happiness, there was a sad element to the trip as it made us remember the months spent together under the endless frustration of occupation. It was surreal to traverse through the streets of Frankfurt together, him riding a bike and me sitting on a wheelchair and holding onto the side. Dark with the night, but not a soldier in sight…

“Jody, how do the people here not understand?” Hamde asked. Sometimes I’m left asking myself the same question.

The seven Smash EDO activists from Brighton certainly understood what’s going on. As bombs rained down on Gaza last January, they broke into a factory building the weapons and caused £300,000 worth of damage. After eighteen months with two of the activists languishing in British jails, and the other five on bail, the trial finally came to an end. All seven were found not guilty on all charges. A victory…

So what are the rest of us waiting for?

A British judge and jury has just set the precedent, taking direct action to prevent war crimes is not illegal in this country. I don’t think we need a second invitation.

Frankfurt wasn’t the only place to bring back memories. In Lyon and Geneve I caught up with Patrice and Nesrine, both of whom I met during the epic trip around South America, and both of whom touched my heart in ways they will never even begin to understand.

As I swam in the lake in Geneve, I realised that not enough travelling was really taking it’s toll.

But the quote of the trip came from Charlie, an old friend from school now living in Paris, and one of the most apathetic unrevolutionary people you would ever meet…

“Oi Jody, if you ever go back out there, can you just tell Aviv to f*** off?”

That’s one way of describing a struggle for freedom and justice.

Hanging out with Hamde also made us remember Haitham, our ultimate “scrumping” partner, who unfortunately couldn’t be out there with us. Luckily, he made us a film to enjoy in his absence…


13 responses to “Week [19]67 – Remembering Palestine

  1. Brilliant. you’re an amazing writer.
    Much respect.

  2. So go on fighting against zionisim and racisim through the real propaganda
    This racist feature should be damaged to reach to liberty and fee life .
    Boycott -Divestment-Sanction is one of the effective ways in the west towards the goal
    keep going

  3. Sounds like your having a sick time in Europe and i cant wait to see you when i get home.
    they we’re some strong word bro.
    bare love xxx

  4. Great film Jody. You are an inspiration.We are all Palestinians and we will win. Peace and love to you.

  5. Hi Jody

    I really like to read your reports, so don’t stop please.
    But I understand your frustration.
    I saw the film ‘Life on wheels’ made by Haytham: he came to Ghent (Belgium) where I live in March and I met him there. It’s a very strong film with a lot of emotions without being sentimental.
    A few weeks ago I also met Hamde, who came to show his pictures in Ghent.

    And I promised Haytham that I would visit him in Bil’in in October. I’ve been to Palestine a few times before, but never to Bil’in. But after reading your articles and seeing the movie, I really want to go and see Haytham in his home town.

    So, keep up the good work. You’re not alone.

    Kind regards


  6. Ketty Papadima

    …what are the rest of us waiting for?
    Thanks, Jody…again.
    Ketty, Ottawa

  7. Yes, an example to us all Jody. Lead on.

    What was Hamde doing in Frankfurt (and how did he get out)?

    And what happened to the poetry you lazy git!

  8. Hi Jody – fab video and the rest! I have returned to London a week ago. See your around! Rada

  9. jody! you’re amazing person writer and activist. never never stop telling about your experiences. never stop telling the truth!! xxxx.

  10. Jody if you do stop Life on Wheels make it a big one at 70… but i say stop at 100 then come back lol keep up the good work

  11. greg bernie blaug

    “Not enough travelling was really beginning to take its toll”
    jody,i know exactly what ya mean,bro…
    keep up the good work…

  12. Annamaria Mac Intyre

    Awesome. You’re a very good writer and it’s always interesting to read a first hand view of someone who’s been in Palestine. Keep up the good work.

  13. Great post Jody.
    Where can I see that film in full? Those 5 minutes frustrated me so much, and it gives yet more evidence of the injustice in occupied Palestine. If you tour the UK again, I’ll be there.

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