[SPECIAL EDITION] Week 65 – How Many More?

Saturday 5th June 2010, outside the Israeli Embassy at a demonstration of 20,000 people, London:

“Five months ago, I was sitting on the beach in Gaza, watching the waves of the Mediterranean lapping onto the shore. If I was to return to Gaza today, the sea would be tinged red, with the blood of the innocent civilians murdered…

On Monday May 31st, at 1.30am, I was sitting on the front steps of a friend’s house in south London, when a man walked past asking for a cigarette. His name was Glen, and he lived in a home for people with mental disabilities just a few doors down. But not even a schizophrenic, would be able to think of an excuse for the crimes that Israel has committed in this week. Not even a lunatic would dare to justify the slaughter of humanitarian workers, as they deliver aid to a besieged population.

This is the greatest tragedy Israel has ever seen. This is the final nail in the coffin. But it seems that the Israeli government are keen to prolong their farewell, so now, we must double, we must triple our efforts. And I ask Mr. Netanyahu, I ask Mr. Obama, I ask, our Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron… how many more? How many more must spill their blood? How many more must sacrifice their lives? But one thing is for certain… for every one that falls, a hundred will rise in their place, a thousand more will raise their voices in condemnation, and a million more will dedicate their lives to the struggle for freedom for Palestine!”


24 responses to “[SPECIAL EDITION] Week 65 – How Many More?

  1. well done Jody! πŸ™‚

  2. I LUV DIS ! Mr Mcintyre you are class !! πŸ˜€ ..nuff respect bruv, keep it up x

  3. inspirational speech Jody! hope to see more! πŸ™‚ -Much respect

  4. great stage presence and beautifully said Jody. Wish I could have been there to support you and the cause !

  5. can’t say i was surprised to see you take the stage yesterday, fucking hell, sharing a stage with Tony Benn and George Galloway, well done man!
    Keep up the momentum.

  6. Great speach Jody!
    Thank you very much for your wonderful support.

    Best Regards and Best Wishes,


  7. Hey, Just want to say you were great out there!!

  8. Great job jody!

  9. Ketty Papadima

    We are so proud of you, Jody. You are so bright and brave and passionate. We all need you to inspire us so we can get going.
    Ketty, Ottawa

  10. Beautiful eloquent stirring words of truth Jody. Free Free Palestine. Come back to the bay area soon and inspire us and lead us.

  11. Very well said!

  12. Andrew Paul Gutierrez


    Thanks for being the voice of so many of us that work for peace and justice — the Israeli criminals continue their lies and cover it up with charges of antisemitism — but it no longer works. The truth is the truth.
    Big hug,

  13. I am so envious of how you put words together
    your courage and bravery is beyond words,
    you just are an amazing human being..
    lots of love Ash..

  14. Wonderful speech done with your heart.
    So proud of you Jody.
    Majed & Suzanne

  15. Great speech Jody –

    Great article too
    Well done

  16. !!!!!!! made me cry!

    jody you are a inspiration!


  17. Jody, I saw you, Lowkey, and Dr. Finkelstein speak in Berkeley in May. On behalf of the rest of us who don’t or won’t help out: thank you for your courage and hardwork towards this neglected cause! Peace and Respect!

  18. Great job Jody
    looking forward to seeing you again and Kareem And the professor in the Bay Area
    TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH keep speaking brother ,keep speaking it.

  19. beautiful. we can’t abandon these courageous people. thank you!

  20. melissa hafez

    The U.S. has lost a powerful and progressive voice as Helen Thomas is forced into retirement. Daring to speak out on the genocidal state of Israel is once again, a career buster. Keep speaking out Jody.

  21. Courage2Change

    Thanks Jody, U ROCKED DA HOUSE!!!
    Viva Palestina!

  22. Jane Sheffield

    Nice work Jody. Very impressive. x

  23. Sabina Mac Intyre

    Awesome! πŸ˜€
    I’m so happy that there are brave and courageous people like you willing to fight against this horrible blockade!!:)
    Viva Palestina! And PEACE!! ☺β™₯β€’β—˜β—‹β™ β™£β™¦β˜»

  24. Annamaria Mac Intyre

    I definetly agree with the qutoe: “When one falls a thousand will take their place.”8) It’s awesome to see there are so many people dedicated to risking their lives for a cause that they are passionate about.

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