Week 64 – A Different Reality

As I was sitting on the steps of my close friend Fifi’s house in Catford, south east London, at around 1.30am, a man walked past asking for a cigarette. Fifi politely obliged.

He came and sat down on the floor next to us, and Glen, as he introduced himself, turned out to live in a home for people with mental disabilities just a few doors down. He told us about the maltreatment of people living there, which could well have been true, and his plan to set up a system of cameras to catch the staff as they carried out their dirty work.

However, as Glen spoke with us for the next couple of hours, it quickly became clear that his grasp of reality was extremely thin. He was clearly very anxious, suffering from extreme paranoia and believed that, to quote him, “the air is actually poisonous”. He was a nice guy, and I always believe in treating all people in a decent manner, no matter what their disability, but one thing was certain, you take stories from a schizophrenic with a pinch of salt.

After the actions that have taken place this week, “lunatic” is the only word that can be used to describe the State of Israel. I arrived home from Fifi’s at three o’clock in the morning, to find out that the Freedom Flotilla, which many of my friends were aboard and I was very close to travelling with myself, had been brutally attacked by the Israeli military, with several people murdered.

A lunatic will find a story to justify every action he/she takes, no matter how outlandish or outrageous, and Mark Regev, spokesman for the Israeli government, was on hand, as always, to fill the role.

“…the hardcore extremists on the boat…a blockade is a legitimate tool…”

After all, every circus needs a clown.

Let’s just put this into context. This boat was in international waters! No further questions need to be asked. We can ignore the fact that this was a humanitarian aid mission, we can ignore the fact that it’s aim was to break a siege that the UN and every government in the world has condemned time and time again, we can even ignore the fact that there were less “weapons” on that boat than you would find in your average household kitchen! The underlining fact is, Israel have broken international law, maritime law, and committed a massacre.

I can only hope that this will be the beginning of the end of Israel’s crimes. No-one could have predicted this. Even Glen would have been stupefied.


15 responses to “Week 64 – A Different Reality

  1. Everyone needs to be at the national demonstration on Saturday 5th June, 1.30pm, outside Downing Street. I may even give a speech.

  2. “Take everything with a pinch of salt”, Pc Finbar Mcbosh.

  3. Sebastian Lugo-Labiejko

    wow, what an amazing peace of writing.
    And yep, i will deffinatly bee there!!^^

  4. Well said. I hope your friends are well.

  5. thanks for your healing words

  6. Marina Gutierrez

    Israel continues killing people and nothing happens, BDS is a way to fight back, do not buy Israeli products or products from companies that support Israel.

  7. Ghassan Hussein

    Well written, on spot

  8. clive mann

    I echo your third from last sentence, but am not optimistic. How many times have we thought that Israel will no longer be able to pursue its inhumane policies only to be disappointed?

  9. Ilse Hadda

    divest! divest! divest!!!!!

  10. that is what happens when people are always shown one side of the story and not the other, therefore we only see Israel as a victim in self defense and Palestine the evil attacker not knowing that they are the true victims who will fight to the death, but as they say what goes around comes around. Good shall triumph over evil

  11. melissa hafez

    Israel is a criminal state. Under international law the occupying country is responsible for the welfare of the people in the occupied state. Israel refuses to take this responsibility and allows no one else to help either. The time is coming when the world will no longer tolerate this idea that the holocaust somehow gives Israel a free ride to deny human rights to others. Palestinians did not orchestrate the Spanish inquisition, the Nazi regime or the Polish ghettos. Christians did. Stop punishing Arabs.

  12. No words can describe what happened.

  13. U.S. support of all illegal and immoral actions of Israel will have inflamed and given motive for extremists who will seek their revenge. The lies and demonization of middle east governments that Israel puts out daily are seen for what they are by most of the world.

  14. Martina Lauer

    Once more Israel shows its true face- the ugly side of the West!

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