Week 26 – Finding Gaza Part I

I was sitting at home, casually browsing through the Internet, when I came across Viva Palestina.  I don’t think I’ve ever gone through such a turmoil of emotions in such a short space of time… a matter of minutes.  First, complete despair that I had missed it’s departure from London – why on Earth had this happened, it would have been perfect for me, it could have been the journey of my life!  I went to bed feeling disconsolate, to say the least.
Of course I couldn’t sleep with a restlessness buzzing through my mind like a bee fiending for the nectar.  And now I see there’s a possibility of hooking up with the convoy in Cairo… oh baby!  Even at this time of night, my excitement is completely overwhelming.  This is really going to happen!  Yes there are flights available, yes there’s enough money in the bank, yes I still don’t have a job which leaves me as free as a bird to take up some crazy shit like this…
“Mus, blud, I’m going to Gaza!”
“Yes yes you legend.”
Simple as that.  My mum didn’t even seem surprised.  But over the next week, complications started cropping up left, right and centre.  It was difficult to get in contact with the organisers, and once I did I found out that it had been delayed by a few days.  Comes as Unpredictable as Jamie Foxx hit.  The matter of trying to find someone to go with… well, I suppose it’s not the number one tourist destination.  Of course I roll with revolutionary brothers, but Karl’s work weren’t happy with a week as sufficient notice.  So I was left with all this playing on my mind, and feeling pretty frustrated.
I was just about to go out for dinner with my Dad, uncle and grandparents, all of whom I hadn’t told about the trip (if it would ever happen) for fear of the repurcussions, when I saw the latest Viva Palestina convoy update on their website – it was due to cross the Egyptian border in the next day or two.  I got home at midnight that Tuesday night, and booked my flight for Cairo for Wednesday afternoon.
Wednesday morning left just enough time for the convoy to post one more update before my departure – “confirming” that it would not be visiting Cairo.  So this really is going to be an adventure.  I take it I’ll be going solo again.
Fingers crossed I’ll get into Gaza.

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