Week 21 – F*** Tha Police

I swear down, attack on my civil liberties bruv.
I was just walking around (OK we all know I wasn´t actually walking), exploring Salvador, and going down this street I had to duck under this official-looking barrier, because I couldn´t see any other way to get around it.  But to be honest, these acts of rebellion are a standard daily occurence for me.  So don´t watch that.
Then I see three military police men approaching me.  Please just re-read that sentence.
So, naturally, I thought they would just tell me to go back out of the barrier or some bullshit, but then they´re trying to tell me how dangerous these roads are and so forth.  Seriously, lip dem a shut and stop wasting your time cuz.
The weird thing was, they kept directing me to keep going, even after we went outthe barrier.  I really did not understand they´re purpose.  And they kept asking if I was on my own, and where my family was, over and over again.  Apparently, my answers of ´Yes´ and ´in London´ were proving insufficient.
When we reached the square on the other side of the road, I said,
´OK, where do you actually want me to go?´
One of them pointed towards the square…
´Here, find your family.´
Hmmm… where should I start looking.
´They´re in London.  I´m here on my own.´
They just couldn´t believe it.  Asking for identification, where I´m staying… everything.  Eventually I just got bored of it and walked off, and they (wisely) chose not to pursue the situation.  But it wasn´t to be my last confrontation with theSalvador police…
To describe what I got up to the next night, all I could say is the best party I have ever been to in my life.
Again, I was just wandering around the backstreets, roughly aiming towards a place someone had recommended me to check out in the evening for some good music..
Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, it was like a proper block party.  Man just came in on a hype ting and suddenly I felt so happy.  This is real Brazil blud, ain´t no-one else with white skin here that´s how you know.  And the music was so good, the closest thing I could describe it as would be reggae, but faster, so your moving to it swiftly.  And I´m thinking there´s so many problems in the world, but you can still find a party like this to take you away, dancing the night away…
The military police were there, and just constantly attacking the crowd.  First, I turn left and some guy is getting strong-armed with a baton, for reasons I cannot fathom.  Then as they walk past a guy standing just in front of me, who is drunk and swaying, but clearly harmless, one of them takes it upon himself to punching him in the chest.  And I saw the aggression in his eyes, and the way he clenched his teeth the moment before he did it.
But it seems the Brazilians are just used to it.
This one song came on, and all of a sudden the crowd went absolutely crazy.  I must admit that for a moment I was a little worried that I might suffocate… but then literally seconds later (as if to rectify the situation!) the military police come charging at the crowd, just where I am standing…
People go flying in all directions around me, and I half fell over but managed to just about retain my balance.  When I look up, everyone in the nearby vicinity (and believe me it was densely packed) had been splayed out to form a big semi-circle, and it was only me and the wheelchair remaining in the middle.  Lol.
Then two of the po-po seized me by the arms, and sat me down.  Yeah, I´d be sitting down already if you guys could control yourselves.
In England, you know a party is over when the music stops playing.  Here, it´s just when the tear gas starts spraying.

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