Week 20 – The View From Nowhere

´Do you want to come to the beach?´
Because the boat back to Manaus provided a lot more friends than it´s predecessor, with some Argentinians and French mixed in with the hardcore Brazillians.  So now it´s the morning when we´re arriving back and the man dem mentioned a plan.
Them Argentinians… they really travel.
And first I said no, because I intended to go to a place called Olinda which I heard was sweet, and also because now it feels like my time is drifting away (swept away by the Amazon!)  You can tell because people start adding ´See you soon´ to the end of their correspondence.  But after a second invitation you´re never going to turn such a kind offer down, especially because you realise that it´s people and not places that make your life nice.
But I think I realised that from time.
And then the plan expands because it´s not a beach it´s a whole island, and like…
´There´s no electricity, no cars, and they only eat fish and fruit…´ said Simon.  But he´s French by the way so you should pronounce it Seemon.
So of course, for me this is an exciting prospect.  And we get a colectivo, followed by a bus, and all of a sudden it feels like a Puno-Copacabana-style adventure.  Except more laid-back, so thejokes things are funny at the present, not solely when you write home about them later.
And now everyone´s getting excited and you can feel it in the air… because now the image of “the beach” is not only in our minds but also right in front of our eyes.  And it´s drawing closer…
I thought I wouldn´t be getting on another boat for a while.  But just hours later, and here we are again.
It´s just one of many surprises though.  Like I never thought my wheelchair would make it onsand, but the next day it did.  Like I thought of myself as invincible but I felt kind of s*** and tired and then just exasperated the situation with alcohol.  But over the next couple of days it proved that I was in the best possible environment for this to occur.  Amongst friends… these were thenicest people you´ll ever meet.
I mean Hernan gave me a piggy back, and I´m not lying he must be close to seven feet tall.
´Jody, I bet you have never been that high before.´
And the purpose of this was to cross some differing terrain.  We got to another part of the island, and looking out, I think that this the “The View From Nowhere”.
´Victor, how do you say “paradise” in Portugese?”
Simon, and later his wife Marion also (they´re only 25 but got married so they could get into theDominican Republic more easily for a work opportunity… which then fell through hahaha) said ´I´m really glad you came, because it was so great meeting you.´
Well, thank you for the second invitation.

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