Week 19 – The Amazon Part Two

What I had realised, somewhere along that mission from Belem to Manaus, is that the reason it wasn´t what I expected, is because yeah it´s the Amazon river, but that ain´t the real Amazon blud.
So when we arrived, me and Ronney found a place run by an Indian guy who said…
´Amazing… most people who´s body´s aren´t perfect just stay at home!´
The guy was safe, but to imply my body isn´t perfect… well he obviously hasn´t copped a glance of my six-pack recently.
But nah on the real he was bare safe.  He lived in the jungle for the first twenty years of his life, and seemed intent on me sleeping in the heart of it.
But because it was only me going, it was gonna cost a lot of dough, so I pulled out all the Brazilian money I had, still making it a severe discountage.  We made it happen, still.
´Don´t worry, I´ll just not eat for a week after.´
One thing led to another, and then we got into this speedboat.  And I was like, yeah.
It was amazing.  My first glimpse of the Amazon in it´s full glory.  The Rio Negro, like a giant black glass mirror reflecting back the world that looks onto it.  It was truly incredible.
And silence.  But not like the silence of a crowd with nothing to say… this is like thekind of silence to draw inspiration from.
We arrived at this little place where we had a little cabana – like a shelter with hammocks, food, a toilet.  All properly function like!  It feels like I´m stepping up inthe world to be honest.
And in the evening we went out on our little boat (no more speedboats here sunshine…) to meet this family who lived in the jungle… I think mainly because theguy who was showing me around couldn´t be asked to make food.  It´s funny that I refer to it as ´showing me around´, as if it´s a college and I´m trying to find what room my lesson is in…
´Yeah walk past those trees and when you see the killer snake just turn right…´
But anyway, they were safe and somehow I suddenly got my Portugese game ooooon, which was helpful.  The Grandad of the fam was called Sabal, and he said he´d lived here for twelve years.  When I asked about how they get food etc., he just made a kind of sweeping gesture with his arm.
It´s all about the Amazonian fruit baby!  Ya´ dun kno´ bout the Amazonian fruit!
Let me put it this way… on the real, I don´t like bananas.  But when it´s Amazonian bananas… it´s all graaavy.
The next day we got up early to see the sunrise over the river…
Splitting up colours like a kaleidoscope.  Sorry JJ, but you can´t capture this with pictures.

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