Week 17 – Jesus Christ! It´s Corcovado Mountain…

Once I finally found them, it was cool to hook up with my brother-from-another-mother Kaio, and his mum Ariane, in the big RJ… a.k.a. Rio de Janeiro (for all you foreigners).
For today, we had agreed to see tings, and Ariane has a friend who offered to drive us to all of them called Simone.
First we went to Sugar Loaf (like ers) Mountain, and on the cable car I bare sat on the floor… breaking down social boundaries what´s any man sayyyying!
Ariane said ´Shall we go right to the top or…´
‘Or’ nothing Ariane… you must be tripping.
Talking of tripping, we couldn´t take my wheelchair in Simone´s car so itwas bare long walking, but me and Kaio were on that, so had to come like College Dropout Track 2… ´We Don´t Care´.
And after an in-depth discussion about dystopian fiction…
´Blud, you have to read Oryx and Crake it´s saying a lot´, I advised.
´I bare wanna write one…´, Kaio replied.
… and a second cable car, we reached the panoramic summit. If Kaio wants to get into photography like he says he does, then I suppose this would be a perfect opportunity for him…
´Yeah I bare like it with different angles…´
… and after a particularly good shot he says,
´Bruv that is book cover!´
But he boyed out his mum´s skills with the camera, although I disagreed…
‘One day they´re gonna be some iconic shots, like Fidel and Che!´
I wasn’t exactly reaching the land-speed-record breaking speeds of Machu Picchu, so Sugar Loaf took longer than I expected overall, and afterwards we were all more than ready for lunch, and Simone said she knew a place which made nice sandwiches and ice-cream for cheap…
No way! Out of the whole of Rio de Janeiro she leads us to the one place we randomly came to the other day. See that’s how you know we’re real Cariocas.
After lunch, we carried on towards Corcovado (and God).
When we got there, Simone said that although it was possible, she didn’t really feel safe about driving up the mountain (clearly not ghetto like me), so we went to get the train up through the forest instead. Simone tried parking in a disabled bay… (ha ha ha ha, what a legend!) but inevitably got boyed out, and also when she was trying to find out if parking there was OK some Brazilian guy started getting bare stressed because he was convinced that she was reporting him to the police!! And if you’re a bit confused about why he would think this, then you can join the club…
When we got to the top, it was extremely windy, and raining, but that just made me and Kaio on even more of a hype ting.
‘Mum can you take a pic-‘
‘No use Jody’s camera!’
Ariane doesn’t like rain then.
But we got some sick ones still. And talking of dystopias, you felt like you were in one here… literally standing inside a cloud looking down on the flooding of a city.
I wonder if I could touch the stars… may-maybe then I could touch the scars.
I looked down at my feet, and the good as new, clean, fresh socks, brought from England, had worn a hole just like the old ones… so no wonder I felt like I was walking on water.
We went back down, and because Simone is such a g she said she would drive us to the bus station so I could buy a ticket for my next destination. Over lunch she had advised me that Belo Horizonte is wack, so Brasilia it is!
She even went to buy the ticket for me, and thus secured legendary status. The ghetto bus leaves at 12.30 on January 1 (f*** the first class) so I´m thinking… true say it´s gonna be a mission to get back in time after Revellion rebellion…
When she dropped us back (after a couple of crazy drivers tried to clothesline her car bonnet) we had a lot to thank her for, so we thanked her a lot.
During the night I finished a book I was reading called ´Sophie´s World´. Ithad a bare strange ending, but if I was just an imaginary character in a book like Sophie realises she is, then I bet it would be a well interesting book.
Oh, hang on…

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