Week 16 – The Hardest Two Days Of My Life

As my bus arrived from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu, I was mentally preparing myself for what I realised would be one of the most immense challenges I had faced so far.  My wheelchair was still up shit creek without a paddle, and I knew that in a minute I would step off this haven of half-chair half-bed, and into a random town where I needed to book a bus for Rio de Janeiro, find a hostel, get to a hostel, get food, get back to the bus station tomorrow, find somewhere to leave all my stuff, walk around some waterfalls for hours and hours, then get to Rio (I know by now that even with a bus ticket in hand you´re not going to come through such a journey unscathed).
It was certainly a daunting task.
First of all, someone offered to push me in my wheelchair across the bus station forecourt.
Then I went into a restaurant and got the standard ´menu of the day´, which was the cheapest option, so I thought might not be so amazing but at least would provide something to keep me going.
It was steak.  It was huge.
Then the waitress (who was so kind, cutting up my food and everything) said she´d push me outside to where I could get a taxi.
Then, when I was about to get a taxi to the only hostel I knew of (which I later found out was a bitof a rip-off) some local guy came running over…´No, no…I know the cheapest one, they have rooms, I´ll push you there let´s go!´
So I´m thinking because it´s so cheap, maybe it´s not going to be so great but I´m only here for one night so whatever.
I got there, and it had a swimming pool.  A swimming pool!
Most relaxed day of my trip so far.  That´s just how I roll.
I met some Swiss guys in the evening, and they pushed me to a restaurant with them so I didn´t have another walking mission for food.
Then we drank some Cuba Libre.
In the morning, one of them woke up bare early just to push me to the bus station.
When I got to Iguazu Falls, they had bare modes of transportation blud.  I got on a golf cart, a train, and then some old-school go-kart type mechanism… I´m not even joking blud.
And the waterfalls themselves, were so sick.  I got soaked, and then dried out in the sun.
So I got back to the bus station, and I still don´t have a clue how I´m getting to Rio, because yesterday they were chatting bare s*** about how they were full up until January, and I have to go to some next place first, and then find another bus, and I can´t book anything here…
Today, there is a different woman sitting at the desk.  She gives me my direct ticket for Rio de Janeiro, which leaves in two hours, and in the meantime why don´t I use the Internet or get another ´menu of the day´.
And now I´m in Rio.  And my wheelchair is fixed.
The hardest two days of my life.  Yeah.

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