Week 9 – South America, Star?

Tomorrow I am embarking on the journey of a lifetime. I’m hitting South America – Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil – on my own (f*** that tourist s***), in my wheelchair, for three months.

Say it with me ladies and gentlemen – big. in. the. gaaaaaame!

Everyone I’ve told is saying “You’re crazy” this and “Say what?” that, or even in one case, “No, I just don’t think that’s going to work out, Jody”, but I don’t really see what all the fuss is about, I just fancied a bit of a holiday.

A really long holiday.

But in all seriousness, I truly relish the challenge. Experiences are the most important, and valuable things in life, and I intend to get a lot. Also, I need something to write about guys…do you think I’m gonna be publishing a book about my walk-in-the-park of a life anytime soon?

Nah blud.

The main thing people seem to be concerned about is me being robbed out of house and home and into all oblivion. I know this is a danger, and I’m gonna be very careful, but sometimes people need to break down some stereotypes and misconceptions. I’ll give you an example:

My Dad – “Jody, you shouldn’t be going there, South America is a third-world country?”

Me – “What’s a third-world country, all of it?”

My Dad – “South America is a thir…”

Me – “It’s a continent.”

My Dad definitely isn’t big on the trip. I can see why he’s worried about though, I really can…whilst some people are tryna think outside of the box, I’m living in a shape they haven’t even invented yet.

There is some serious preparation to do though, however laid-back I am about the whole thing. For a start, I’ve got a leaving party to organise…ha ha ha.

In addition, as I write this, my bag has not been so much as taken off the shelf, let alone packed. Everyone talks about packing light, but I really have to pack light, considering I’ve got to take around my wheelchair and charger as well.

I sorted out my money situation the other day, which seems to be fine. Apart from… man tried to open a Nationwide account and they’re saying I’m only qualifying for a “cash card”. This is even after I tried to say I worked for Ctrl.Alt.Shift and earned 20 grand per annum.

Obviously weren’t having any of it. I just got boyed out by the “credit crunch”.

I’m also anticipating witnessing serious levels of poverty on my travels. Now I don’t want to sound like some wasteman middle-class kid saying “Yeah man I wanna find myself and connect with the man dem”, don’t get it twisted, however, I do hope that I can provide a new perspective on tragic issues of hardship through my writing. We don’t want to read the news everyday and see how millions more are dying, we’re not doing anything about it, we’re so lazy blah blah blah…

Instead, I want to inspire people to make a difference.


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