Week 2 – Beni Beni Beni!

Last week I went to Benicassim music festival en l’Espagne. It was biiiiiiiiiig in the game. Honestly, that is one of the best and most fun things I’ve ever done, it was so amazing.

Kicking back every day on the beach in the blazing heat was so relaxing, get a bit hot, OK catch a bit of a swim. Ah I feel a bit hungry, grab myself a bit of tapas, what’s any man saying?!

Fortunately for me, my amazing friends were cool with pushing me around in the sweltering humidity whilst my electric wheelchair was being charged for the evening fun. Thanks gang!

However, this did get me wondering as to what you would do in a developing country where electricity is not so readily available. I suppose that disabled people in the third world would simply not have the option of an electric wheelchair. Does this make me lazy? Perhaps I should learn how to push myself around, and further my independence even more?

But even with a manual wheelchair, obstacles certainly become more evident abroad. Although the town itself was made of the smooth roads we’re typically used to in the western world, the stretch in and out of the campsite was far rougher terrain. Truesay, it was a new experience for me when the left tyre came halfway off the wheel of the chair. Lads became a DIY Kwik-Fit team on the spot…quick pit-stop and we were cool. But what if you lived in a developing country, and your entire life was on rough terrain, and I’m guessing much tougher than a tourist-filled festival campsite! How do disabled people manage in these conditions…the thought certainly puts your own problems and challenges into context.

Night time was music time, before going I was admittedly a bit disappointed by the lack of hip-hop, but hey whatever man let’s live life on the edge. On the first night, exploring the venue with an infusion of Black Lips’ vibes was amazing, like stepping into a whole new world of music and energy and party atmosphere. Bumped into my cousin as well, that made me so happy…he looked messy.

Anyway, the arena experience got better and better, and the next few nights were set alight with Hot Chip, crazy Gnarls, Justice “WE ARE…YOUR FRIENDS”, and also Mika who I thought was wack, but loved on a 3am hype ting.

Wasn’t all about the dance action though, and chilling out to José Gonzalez and the absolute legendary Leonard Cohen was so relaxed I thought I was moving backwards.

One more thing…”silent disco” is rawwww man, with the concept being you listen to the DJ through a pair of headphones, with the choice of two different channels. So jokes seeing two people bumping and grinding to opposite channels, guy is skanking out to some grime and girl is trying to unwind to some R ‘n’ B…ha ha ha ha ha, that was one comical image. And I did the limbo at high-speed and got a well big cheer! This is all in one tent yeah!

OK not gonna lie, few things were not so great. On the way to the country of Spain via Gatwick, a couple of my friends were looking to get a bit of food before easyJet try and rip a brother off pon board. But noooo, the guy who needs to “take us through” the terminal tells us that considering we only have the miniscule amount of 40 minutes to get on the flight, McDonalds is completely and utterly out of the question. So as a compromise, my two friends who want food carry on, and me and one remaining friend head towards the flight.

Then we sit doing nothing in the waiting room for half an hour.


Didn’t even want any Maccy D’s. I don’t like junk food. But why you gotta split up a group like that?

Beni was sick though, still.


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